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The Best Alcohol Recipes Ever Made.

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Mega Mash Recipes
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Apple Pie
5 Amazing Apple Pie Recipes. Apple Pie is One of The Most Enjoyed Hand Crafted Drinks There is.
Get 5 Fantastic Ways to Make It!

Wonderful Apple Whiskey.
It Has a Distinctive
One of A Kind Flavor.
Every One Will Love This Unique Flavor!

3 High Quality Peach Mash Recipes! Make Peach White Lighting, Peach Whiskey That Has a Smooth Wonderful Flavor and World Class Peach Brandy!

Fresh Corn Whiskey.
With This Mash Recipe You Can Make
Better Whisky Than Crown!
You Cant Miss With This Mash Recipe!

Fresh Corn Bourbon.
With This Mash Recipe You Can Make Better Bourbon Than Any Other Bourbon You Have Tasted!
You Cant Miss With This Mash Recipe!

Rum Recipes.
4 Premium Rum Recipes. Spice Rum Better Than The Captains. Dark Rum, White Rum and Amazing Red Rum. Make Better Rums Than Can Be Bought in Stores!

Cream Corn Whiskey.
Make Whiskey From Cream Corn.
Easy Fast and Delicious!


White Lighting & Vodka.
Crystal Clear, Crisp. World Class Vodka. Better Than The Expensive Imports. You Can Make Works Class
Vodka for Under a Buck a Fifth!

Corn Flakes Whiskey.
Make Whiskey from Corn Flakes.
Easy Fast and Delicious!

Sweet Feed.
Sweet Wonderful Whiskey.
Like a old comfy Shirt.
This is The Soul Food of Whiskey.
One Taste You Will Fall In Love!

An American Single Malt Scotch.
This Scotch is Fit For Kings And Queens.
This is a Complex Recipe.

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300 Tested Recipes, Working With Grains, Working With Enzymes, Working With Rice, Working With Fruits. The Grand Daddy of Distilling Information!
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With these mash recipes you will make world class spirits. Every one will love the Top Shelf Libations you will make!

We Strongly Recommend You Carbon Filter All Your Spirits Before You  Consume It. Carbon Filtering is the only way to
remove that oily taste.



We Mail You a CD. First Class Mail With In 24hrs once payment clears.

For Windows PC Only...


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