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Building a Still? Get All The
Hard to Find Fittings and Parts Here!

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Copper Fittings

2" X 2" X 3/4" Tee

With a 1/2" Hole Drilled for Temperature Gauge

Only $32.95 + 6.99 Shipping

2" Copper Male Adaptor (MIP)

Perfect for Mounting Your Column


2" DWV 45 Degree Bends

Set of Two
The Bends You need to Make a Raptor!

Only 39.95 + 6.99 Shipping


Copper Plated Mounting Flanges


3/4" Copper Plated Mounting Flange

Copper Mounting FLange

Only $29.95 FREE SHIPPING!

1" Copper Plated Mounting Flange


1 1/2" Copper Mounting Flange

Picture coming Soon!



2" Copper Mounting Flange
2" Copper Plated Mounting Flange

Only $59.95 FREE SHIPPING!

Power Controllers and Heating Elements

1500W Heating Element

The Ultimate Way to Heat Your Boiler!
This heating element has 1" IPT male threads and comes with a
O-Ring Gasket!

The Perfect Way to Heat Your Moonshine Still!

Only $18.95 + $6.95 Shipping

1500W Power Controller!

These are Lutron Power Controllers. Trusted 1500W Matched to the heating element we sell. They make the perfect combination for heating your moonshine still!

Only $129.95 + 6.95 Shipping

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